Inside the Hotel

Inside the Hotel

Experience comfort as it should be・・

(※All public and Private spaces are no smoking)


    1. Japanese-style breakfast
    2. Japanese-style breakfast
    3. Japanese-style breakfast

      Enjoy a breakfast that includes Kyoto rice and pickles served on traditional Kyoto dishes from the comfort of your room.

    1. Western-style breakfast
    3. Western-style breakfast

      We used plenty of Kyoto native vegetables
      Commitment sandwich.
      Vegetarian response available
      Healthy morning



The front desk is bright and open space.
It is not only checking-in, but also spending time with travelers and staff.
We are looking forward to meeting new people. This space has original map which is made from “Washi”(Japanese paper) 2m high, 2m wide.
While talking about memories of the trip together with this map, you can also taste Kyoto local speciality sake slowly here.
We hope you could find once in a lifetime meeting!

Rooms are equipped with the following items(Pay item)


For a fee, "JILLSTUART (Jill Stuart)" bath amenities are provided.
Elegant scented shampoo, conditioner, body soap set of 3 points.
Please order at the front desk.

  • Rooms are equipped with the following items. (free)

    1. Toothbrush
    2. Shaving set (includes shaving cream)
    3. Hair brush
    4. Cotton pads and Q-tips
    5. Shower cap
    6. Pajamas
    7. Bath towel and face towel
    8. POLA shampoo and conditioner
    9. POLA body soap
    10. POLA Moisturizing lotion [Suite room]
    11. POLA Milky lotion [Suite room]
    12. POLA Cleansing lotion [Suite room]
    13. Hand soap
    14. Hair dryer
    15. Wine bottle opener
    16. Tea set (Green tea, roasted tea, Kyoto coffee)
    17. Deodorizer
    18. Shoehorn
    19. slipper

    Please note that the manufactures whose items we provide are subject to change.

  • The following items you may borrow from the front desk. (Items are free to borrow but are limited in quantity.)

    1. Sewing kit
    2. Phone chargers
    3. Nail clippers
    4. Trouser presser
    5. Iron
    6. Cutlery set
    7. Hair iron
    8. POLA Moisturizing lotion
    9. POLA Milky lotion
    10. POLA Cleansing lotion