Tour Guide

Tour Guide

How to find the places you want to visit

Gion walking trails

Rokuharamitsu-ji, from Rokudo Chin'oji to Kiyomizu Temple. Walk in the many footsteps left throughout history. A stroll with a slight air of mystery.
  1. HotelHotel
  2. 4-minute walk

  3. Rokuharamitsu-ji


    The land of Heike and Rokuhara Tandai and founded by Kūya Shonin, an endless wealth of Japanese history.

  4. A 10-minute walk

  5. Kiyomizu Temple

    Kiyomizu Temple

    Famous as a must-see Japanese temple. Within Kiyomizu Temple is the “Cupid of Japan,” the Kyoto Jishu shrine, charming for its legends of helping visitors with their love lives.

  6. A 5-minute walk

  7. Sannenzaka, Ninenzaka

    Sannenzaka, Ninenzaka

    A road from Kiyoimizu to Kōdaiji. Lined with souvenir shops, you can walk cobbled paths at your leisure while watching food in the process of being prepared.

  1. A 5-minute walk

  2. Kōdaiji ~ Yasaka Shrine

    Kōdaiji ~ Yasaka Shrine

    Wander freelyl, immersing yourself in the charms of what became the star of a historical drama.

  3. A 10-minute walk

  4. Hanamikoji


    When you think of Gion, you think of this cobblestone alley, where at any moment, a maiko may appear.

  5. A 5-minute walk

  6. HotelHotel

The city stroll

Explore far and wide. Quench your curiosities about Kyoto.
  1. HotelHotel
  2. A 3-minute walk

  3. Kamogawa (River)

    Kamogawa (River)

    The cherry blossoms of spring, "NORYO-YUKA(an open-air restaurant on the traditional waterfront deck, known as Yuka, running along the Kamogawa. )" of summer, the autumn colors, the migratory birds of winter—experience the four different personalities of a Kyoto that changes with the seasons.

  4. A 10-minute walk

  5. Nishiki Ichiba(market)

    Nishiki Market

    With 400 years of history culminating in “Kyoto’s Kitchen” of today, you can experience the flavors which have withstood the test of time as you walk.

  6. A 7-minute walk

  7. Chōhōji Rokkakudō

    Chōhōji Rokkakudō

    A temple founded by Prince Shotoku, this is the birthplace of ikebana. The “Hesoseki” has been placed here as a reminder of the former center of Kyoto.

  1. An 8-minute walk

  2. Honnōji


    Founded by Monsobi Ryūsei, it is famous as the place of Oda Nobunaga’s death at the hands of Mitsuhide Akechi in what is known as the “Honnōji Incident.”

  3. A 6-minute walk

  4. Ponto-chō


    Either side of this narrow stone-paved street in Kyōmachi is lined with places to eat. It is particularly famous in summer.

  5. A 15-minute walk

  6. HotelHotel

Things to experience near the hotel

Please check the dates and fees of each facility.
  • Yasaka Hall

    Yasaka HallAn 8-minute walk

    Watch the traditional performing arts of Kyoto, such as Kyoto dance, koto performance, and Noh plays.

  • Japanese sweets-making

    Japanese sweets-making10-minute walk

    Prepare Japanese sweets and enjoy them with green tea.

  • Kiyomizu Pottery

    Kiyomizu Pottery10-minute walk

    From shaping pottery on the wheel to painting it, you can experience the whole of this craft in this area surrounding Kiyomizu Temple.

  • Yoshimoto Kagetsu Gion

    Yoshimoto Kagetsu Gion13-minute walk

    The representative of the world of comedy. Enjoy a part of Kyoto that’s a little different from the norm.

Further from the hotel

  • Ginkakuji

    Ginkakuji20 minutes by car

  • Kinkakuji

    Kinkakuji30 minutes by car

  • Heian Jingu

    Heian Jingu15 minutes by car

  • Kibune and Kurama

    Kibune and Kurama45 minutes by car

  • Ōhara

    Ōhara45 minutes by car

  • Fushimi-Inari Taisha

    Fushimi-Inari Taisha20 minutes by car

  • Shimogamo Shrine

    Shimogamo Shrine20 minutes by car

  • Arashiyama

    Arashiyama35 minutes by car

Staff recommendations

  • Rokudō Chin’ōji

    Rokudō Chin’ōji5-minute walk

    The place where this world and the other intersect. The No. 1 mystery of Kyoto!

  • Dokin Shrine

    Mikane Jinja15 minutes by car

    Shrine honoring the god of money. A spot that has attracted much recent attention from those wishing for luck in wealth and prosperity before the ema.

  • Kenninji

    Kenninji2-minute walk

    Kyoto’s oldest temple. You can feel the Japanese aesthetic of wabisabi through meditation and yoga.

  • Yasui Konpiragu

    Yasui Konpiragu5-minute walk

    Pass beneath a massive rock, ward off evils, and make a good match at this shrine. It is often visited in order to pray for traffic safety.